Prescription medications are powerful. They have the ability to hasten healing, reduce symptoms, and improve quality of life for people around the world who are suffering from a variety of conditions. But their effectiveness and safety depend on two things: drug manufacturers thoroughly testing them and doctors making the right decisions when prescribing them.

At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, our drug injury lawyers know that clearing these hurdles significantly reduces risks for most patients, but there’s a final step in the process that can sometimes go wrong: the pharmacists that fill their prescriptions.

Although pharmacists don’t interact with patients in the same way that doctors do, their mistakes can be just as serious. Two of the most common mistakes seen in pharmacies include:

  1. Dispensing the wrong medications – Whether they misread a doctors’ handwriting or fail to fully read prescriptions, pharmacists can sometimes can patients the wrong medications, putting their health and even their lives at risk.
  2. Dispensing the wrong dosages – Medications can come in both liquid and pill forms, and they often have varying dosages and strengths. Prescriptions specify those details, but pharmacists sometimes fail to dispense them correctly, creating the potential for serious adverse effects.

There are many people and parties who can be at fault when drug injuries occur, and our legal team has the experience and resources necessary to hold any and all of them accountable. Don’t wait if you or a loved one was hurt by a prescription drug—call us today for a free consultation.