Medical devices are supposed to ease symptoms and make life easier for people who suffer from certain illnesses and health problems. But as our attorneys know all too well, many medical devices are either ineffective or even dangerous due to manufacturing flaws, cut-rate components, or improper installation and usage.

Thankfully, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps a close eye on medical devices, and when they pose threats to patients, they either recommend manufacturers recall them or they issue the recalls themselves. In 2019 alone, the FDA recalled more than 50 medical devices. That’s the highest number since 2014 when there were 60 recalled medical devices.

Many recalls are due to relatively minor issues, but some are due to more significant problems that can put patients’ health and lives at risk. Part of the reason for the large number of recalls is growing demand for medical devices. The American population is aging and health problems are becoming more commonplace, creating a larger market for medical devices.

Another factor is a greater reliance on technology. Some medical devices utilize computer chips, which puts them at greater risk of failure if there’s an issue with the computer hardware or power supply. Recalled implantable medical devices not only put patients at risk, but they can also require major procedures to remove and replace, as patients may require revision surgeries.

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