September 27. 2011

Eighty students at Ennis High School in Texas have tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis, and many parents are unhappy about the response they have received from the school district. NBC-DFW stated that the students might have been exposed to the bacterium through a teacher who was diagnosed with the disease just before the start of the school year who is now on medical leave.

The Texas Department of Health Services began the testing a few weeks ago as part of protocol for handling diagnosed cases of the disease. Those who may have come in contact with the sick individual underwent testing. When numerous test results began coming back positive, the organization decided more testing was needed.

Although the department is conducting the testing to let students know if they have been exposed, many of them, including their parents, are unhappy with the amount of  information the school district is giving out to the parents of the children exposed. One parent, whose son’s results tested positive, stated she went to the Ennis ISD administration building seeking answers to her questions, only to be told to contact the State Department of Health Services. They then told the mother they could not comment on the testing due to an ongoing investigation and confidentiality rules. The boy began a regiment of drugs he will be required to take over the next nine months to ensure he does not become sick.

The Texas Medical Malpractice Attorneys with Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel encourage anyone seeking answers regarding a disease they have been exposed to in what should be a safe environment to contact them immediately.