August 30, 2011

Now among the list of risks to consider when taking the Type 2 diabetes drug Actos®, is bladder cancer. According to a news release by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), makers of the drug are now required to label the drug, warning of the increased risk of bladder cancer as well as the still looming concerns for cardiovascular trouble.

The FDA decided to make the change based on findings of a new study that show the risk for bladder cancer increases the longer the patient takes the drug. Actos boomed onto the market after researchers stated the drug might be a good alternative for Avandia users because it presented a lower chance of cardiovascular problems in patients. More recent studies have shown that patients taking Actos may be at a higher risk for heart complications than those taking Avandia.

The FDA has warned physicians to refrain from prescribing Actos to patients currently suffering from bladder cancer and has stated that patients should contact their doctors immediately if any blood or discoloration of urine occurs. Other early warning signs of bladder cancer the FDA pointed out were:

  • Pain and difficulty when urinating
  • Pain in the lower back and abdomen
  • An urgent and repeated need to urinate.

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