Two types of aerosol spray deodorants have been recalled by TCP HOT Acquisition LLC dba HRB Brands after it was discovered they contain benzene, a chemical that’s linked to the development of cancer. The affected products include Brut and Sure branded aerosol spray deodorants. Benzene isn’t listed as an ingredient in the products but is found in the propellant that sprays the products out of their cans.

If you purchased either of these deodorants in recent months, you can find out whether yours has been recalled by visiting the recall website. People who purchased these products are entitled to refunds. If you did purchase these products, stop using them immediately. Benzene can be dangerous, as it is officially classified as a known human carcinogen and can cause leukemia and certain types of blood cancers.

Unfortunately, benzene was also recently discovered in popular aerosol sunscreens, including many made by Johnson & Johnson. These products were also recalled in July 2021, but millions of people may have been exposed to dangerous levels of the cancer-causing chemical. Before purchasing cosmetic and personal hygiene products, it’s important to research them to find out if they’ve been subject to recalls or studies that indicate they may be dangerous.

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