Wildfires have already destroyed more than 130,000 acres of land in California, causing an unprecedented death toll that continues to rise. Many residents in affected areas are still missing and many others have had their homes and property severely damaged or completely destroyed.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), a natural gas and electricity provider to millions of people in Northern California, may have been aware of wildfire dangers and could be held liable for the deaths, injuries, and damages incurred by residents affected by the fires.

Victims of the wildfire have already filed a lawsuit against PG&E alleging negligence and violations of health and safety codes. The lawsuit claims that PG&E warned its customers it might turn off their power due to the risk of wildfires prior to the wildfires becoming widespread in Northern California. Despite being aware of the potential dangers, PG&E failed to cut power to homes and businesses in the affected area, which may have contributed to the wildfire.

In addition, PG&E may have been aware of an electrical problem that initially caused the wildfires, as the company emailed a landowner about sparks and the need for its workers to enter her property and repair power lines one day before the fires began. An alert sent to state regulators indicates that a transmission line malfunction may have created sparks that started the wildfires.

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