May 27, 2010

Weight loss is a goal for many Americans. There are many promising diets and fitness plans, and even prescription drugs that promise weight loss results. However, not all of these methods are safe and some can even cause drug injuries.

Fen-Phen is one of those, and now, an attorney who was involved in many Fen-Phen drug injury cases is being disbarred.

According to The Courier Journal, a drug injury lawyer involved in a criminal scandal involving clients who suffered Fen-Phen related drug injuries has been disbarred.

The Supreme Court moved to disbar the attorney after already disbarring and sentencing two other lawyers involved in the scandal in which the attorneys failed to comply with ethics.

Clients involved in the Fen-Phen drug injury related cases were convicted of ethics violations because they did not inform clients of the nature and amount of the settlement, they took fees inconsistent with the services rendered, they convinced clients to accept less than what they were due, and they did not properly represent the settlement of the Fen-Phen drug injury case to the Circuit Court.

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