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CPSC Works To Improve Table Saw Safety

by fpw | May 22nd, 2012

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), table saws are commonly associated with injuries. The agency estimates that approximately 67,000 people are injured each year by tabletop saws, causing 4,000 amputations per year.

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Anti-Depressant Use During Pregnancy Linked with Pre-Term Labor and Delayed Head Growth

by fpw | May 16th, 2012

Babies of mothers who took anti-depressants during pregnancy are at increased risk for preterm birth and have delayed head growth, according to new research published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

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New Study Shows Hospital Translators Reduce Medical Errors

by fpw | May 8th, 2012

A new study shows that many medical mistakes may occur because of poor communication between patients and attending hospital staff.

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Obstacle Races Often Physically Challenging, Sometimes Dangerous

by fpw | May 2nd, 2012

A new trend among athletes is participating in obstacle course races. The races pit the individual against a slew of gut wrenching tasks that must be completed. While the races may be a fun way to test your limits, they can also prove to be dangerous for even the most experienced athletes.

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