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Ortho Evra Warning Label Strengthened

by fpw | January 24th, 2008

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently updated the label on the Ortho Evra birth control patch, warning users that a new study shows users of the Ortho Evra birth control patch are at an elevated risk of developing serious blood clots, which can result in a serious Texas drug injury. The blood clots

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Vioxx Settlement Update

by fpw | January 18th, 2008

On February 29, 2008, roughly 45,000 plaintiffs who suffered heart attack or stroke that qualify for the Vioxx settlement must enroll if they wish to be receive part of the massive $4.85 billion fund set aside by lawyers and the pharmaceutical company Merck for those injured by the painkiller drug Vioxx. In order to validate

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FDA Takes Action Against Hormone Therapy Drugs

by fpw | January 15th, 2008

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken action against seven different pharmacies for their false and misleading claims over the safety and effectiveness of their “bio-identical hormone replacement therapy” drugs (BHRTs). The BRHTs were being promoted by these pharmaceutical companies as being better than FDA-approved menopausal hormone therapy drugs. The pharmacies also claimed these

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Paramedic didn’t check pulse of wreck victim left for dead

by fpw | January 11th, 2008

Erica Smith was left laying on the road for over an hour after she was assumed dead in a severe Texas auto accident. She suffered a severe head trauma and was thought dead, but paramedics failed to check for a pulse, despite the fact that San Antonio officials said the official policy is for paramedics

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