Who can be held responsible for drug injuries?

by cjadmin | January 18th, 2018

From the corporations that develop drugs to the factories that manufacture them, parties that may be held responsible for drug injuries include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
    When pharmaceutical companies fail to thoroughly test medications or improperly market drugs, they put patients at risk of severe injuries.
  • Compounding facilities
    Compounding facilities produce custom drugs for patients with special needs—such as allergies to certain ingredients or specific dosage requirements. But errors during the compounding process and contaminated ingredients can cause serious harm to patients.
  • Drug manufacturers
    Pharmaceutical companies often rely on outside manufacturing companies to produce their drugs. But unsafe conditions, lack of oversight, and factory worker negligence can cause problems with drugs that result in severe injury—or even death.
  • Pharmacies
    Pharmacists and their technicians can be held accountable for patient injuries when they fail to warn patients of potential drug risks and interactions or make errors filling prescriptions.

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