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Will Your Doctor Tell You if Your Medication Was Recalled?

by Staff Blogger | August 30th, 2022

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes information about product recalls on its website every time they happen, including the brand name, description, type of product, recall reason, and manufacturer. In August 2022 alone, more than 20 recall announcements have been publicized by the FDA. However, most of these recalls involve food/beverages or herbal

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Diagnosed with Mesothelioma? We Want to Help.

by Staff Blogger | August 23rd, 2022

Few commonly used substances have been revealed to be as dangerous to human health as asbestos. For decades, asbestos was used in the construction of countless buildings, including homes. It was also widely used in many consumer and industrial products. After it was discovered to be linked to serious health problems, including a type of

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Is It Dangerous to Take Expired Medication?

by Staff Blogger | August 16th, 2022

When you wake up with a headache, sore throat, and nasal congestion, there’s a good chance you’re coming down with a cold. Like millions of Americans, you probably head to your medicine cabinet to find something to alleviate your symptoms. Thankfully, you’re stocked up on cold medicine from last winter, but there’s one problem: it’s

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Roundup Weed Killer: Linked to Cancer but Still on Store Shelves

by Staff Blogger | August 9th, 2022

When you walk through the lawn and garden section of your local home improvement store, you’ll probably notice a huge assortment of Roundup weed killer products. Roundup is one of the most popular weed killers due to its effectiveness at killing unwanted weeds and other plants. However, that effectiveness comes with a high cost: the

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