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Why Are Some Drugs Defective or Dangerous?

by Staff Blogger | November 26th, 2019

When you’re prescribed a new medication or purchase an over-the-counter drug from the store, you expect it to alleviate your symptoms, reduce your pain, or even help cure your illness. You probably don’t expect it to make you feel worse or even cause you to develop new health problems, but that’s a reality for many

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Defective Surgical Implants Can Be Serious and Even Deadly

by Staff Blogger | November 19th, 2019

At Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough, we help people who have been injured by defective products, including medical devices. Of all medical devices, those that are surgically implanted inside patients’ bodies have the greatest potential for causing serious injuries. Surgery always carries risks, as does implanting foreign objects inside the body—and when those objects are defective,

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We Help Personal Injury Victims, Too

by Staff Blogger | November 12th, 2019

Although our website and blog contain many references to defective drugs, medical devices, and consumer products, we’re still a personal injury law firm. And that means the attorneys at Ferrer, Poirot & Wansbrough have the resources, experience, and dedication to handle a wide variety of injury claims, including: Auto accidents Medical malpractice cases Motorcycle accidents

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Adverse Reactions After Using Just for Men? You Could Be Eligible for Compensation.

by Staff Blogger | November 5th, 2019

Just For Men is one of the most popular brands of hair dye on the market, and its manufacturer, Combe Incorporated, has made huge profits off the product since its release in 1987. However, the product is associated with severe allergic and adverse reactions in some users, including damage to their faces, scalps, and skin.

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