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OSHA Fines Companies $134,000 For Exposing Workers To Environmental Dangers

by Staff Blogger | December 18th, 2012

December 18, 2012

Two Fort Worth, Texas, companies have been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for safety violations surrounding exposure of workers to toxic chemicals that could result in an Environmental Injury.

press release from the agency stated Five Star Custom Foods Ltd. And Packers Sanitation Services Inc., violated 27 regulations that oversee safety process management of businesses, resulting in $134,000 in fines being levied against the companies.

The violations stem from an investigation that was launched by OSHA on June 12 of this year. During the audit, investigators found the companies’ employees were exposed to toxic and corrosive chemicals while working on a refrigeration system. An OSHA spokesman, Jack Rector, stated exposure to the toxic chemicals, such as anhydrous ammonia, could result in serious environmental injuries, including death.

The incident resulted in the company being slapped with fines for 14 serious violations including failure to follow standard engineering practices, failure to conduct system audits and inspections, not providing employees with safety equipment, and not informing contract workers of their risk of environmental injury.

Eleven other safety violations were issued as well for infractions such as not having certain safety procedures in place.

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Environmental problems caused by fires

by fpw | October 14th, 2008

October 14, 2008

The Associated Press reported that a 750 acre fire has caused environmental hazards for approximately 1,200 residents.

1,200 people were evacuated from their homes near the scene of the environmental hazard, and a firefighter and a resident reported minor breathing problems.

The fire and environmental hazard was being contained by firefighters, but some suspect that powerful Santa Ana winds moving in later Sunday evening may cause further problems.

The fire was 20% contained near the Wildlife Waystation, an animal sanctuary in the area, but the facility was moving its animals in case the environmental hazard threatened the facility.

Environmental hazards such as widespread fires in Texas could cause Texas environmental injury and evacuations.

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