At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, we know that doctors aren’t infallible. We regularly handle medical malpractice claims filed against negligent doctors who harm their patients. But we also know that most doctors are hardworking people who simply want to help their patients feel better. Because of that, patients should trust their doctors unless they have a reason not to, especially if they suspect a medication is harming their health.

First, calling your doctor right away can reduce the chance that you stop taking a medication unnecessarily. Stopping a medication can be dangerous, even if it’s causing you to suffer other health problems. That’s because many patients rely on certain medications to keep them alive or to ward off serious disease-related symptoms and complications, and stopping them without switching to alternative drugs can be dangerous or even fatal.

Second, alerting your doctor starts a paper trail of how the drug affected you if you decide to later pursue compensation for your medication-related injuries or illness. If you wait too long, it can be more difficult to prove that your health problems were caused by a dangerous or defective drug, and that can make it more difficult to get compensation for your damages.

When you call your doctor, be honest about the medications you take, including how closely you follow the directions, as well as any other medications and supplements you take. Then, reach out to our drug injury lawyers. We have decades of experience helping injured victims get the money they’re owed after being harmed by dangerous drugs. Call today for a free consultation.