The dietary supplement industry is huge in America. It’s a $30+ billion-dollar industry, and it continues to grow every year. However, unlike prescription and over-the-counter medications, the supplement industry isn’t subject to strict guidelines and requirements by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That’s because supplements are regulated as food rather than drugs or medications.

Despite not being considered medications by the FDA, supplements still have the potential to cause the people who take them to suffer serious injuries, illnesses, and complications. They can contain undeclared ingredients, including those typically found in prescription medications. They also may contain contaminants, such as bacteria, fungus, and even dangerous chemicals. Some may also contain undeclared allergens.

When supplement manufacturers put their customers’ health at risk, they can be held liable for any injuries, illnesses, or complications that occur. If you take any supplements, it’s important to research them carefully. Search for the manufacturer and the specific formulation you take to find out if it has been subject to any recent recalls or product warnings. In addition, you should always tell your doctor if you’re taking a supplement, as many can interact with medications causing them to have more or less pronounced effects.

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