The manufacturers of the devices used in today’s medical procedures have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. Sometimes companies fail to meet these standards though, which can result in patients being harmed and costly recalls.

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is currently facing defective medical device claims after their Ethicon Morcellation device was found to possibly cause patients serious harm. The unit is used to remove non-cancerous growths, known as fibroids, from the uterus of women. The device works by shredding the tissue down to a size that can be removed through a small incision. This is a much less invasive procedure than more traditional fibroid removal methods.

According to an article from Seeking Alpha, the problem with the unit is that it can spread potentially unidentified cancerous cells to the rest of the body as the device is breaking down tissue. This can lead to cancer metastasizing in other parts of patients’ bodies, including the hips, pelvis, and internal organs.

In response to concerns, J&J has halted the marketing and sale of the device, despite continuing to insist it is the best option available for some patients.

The medical product liability attorneys with Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel understand the serious harm using a defective medical device can cause to a patient. That’s why our team is here to help if you have suffered injuries caused by a defective medical device.