Online shopping is safer and more convenient than ever, making it a massive industry for everything from electronics and clothing to food and even prescription medications. But buying prescription drugs online carries a risk that you may not encounter at your local pharmacy.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that there are many legal and safe online pharmacies that ship legitimate medications to customer’s homes. But it also warns that there are some rogue online pharmacies that sell deeply discounted medications—and that the significantly reduced prices may be due to the medications being counterfeit, unapproved, and even dangerous.

The FDA recommends that consumers follow a few rules of thumb when buying from online pharmacies to reduce their risks, including watching out for the following warning signs:

  • The pharmacy doesn’t require a valid prescription from a doctor or other healthcare provider
  • The pharmacy doesn’t allow you to contact a licensed pharmacist
  • The pharmacy sells medications at prices that are much lower than brick-and-mortar pharmacies
  • The pharmacy’s physical address or location is outside of the U.S.

In many cases, illegitimate or illegal pharmacies are able to sell medications at deeply discounted rates because the medications are either fake or ineffective. That means the medications may contain too much or too little of the active ingredients, or they may be contaminated with other dangerous substances.

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