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$1.3 million in dietary supplements recalled due to potential risk of drug injuries

by fpw | April 8th, 2008

April 8, 2008 The FDA has confiscated $1.3 million worth of dietary supplements which contained ingredients that were not approved by the FDA and could cause potential drug injuries. The dietary supplements, marketed under the names “Methyl 1-D,” “Methyl 1-D XL,” and “Formadrol Extreme XL,” contain food additives and ingredients that have not been approved

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Man files lawsuit over wife’s drug injury death

by fpw | April 3rd, 2008

April 3, 2008 A man is suing a birth control company for the death of his wife after she suffered drug injuries, including a blood clot, following the use of NuvaRing, WCBS reported. The young woman and drug injury victim died suddenly in the night when a blood clot that traveled through her pelvic region

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FDA issues drug injury alert on Tussionex

by fpw | March 18th, 2008

March 18, 2008 The United States Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert on Tussionex Pennkinetic Extended Release Suspension due to recent reports of drug injuries, including death, as a result of misuse and inappropriate use of the prescription cough medicine. Risk of drug injury is associated with patients who may be taking more

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FDA Issues Alert on Tussionex

by fpw | March 13th, 2008

The Food and Drug Administration has released a warning on the cough medication Tussionex, which contains hydrocodone. Cases of serious adverse events, including death, have been reported in people and children using the product. Tussionex is a prescription cough medicine that is used by both adults and children. It contains the potent narcotic hydrocodone and

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