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FDA Issues Recall On Trans-Vaginal Mesh

by fpw | December 6th, 2011

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning several months ago regarding the dangers of surgical mesh being used to support organs in women suffering from pelvic prolapse, a condition in which internal body parts, like the bladder and reproductive organs, slip down into the vagina.

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New Study Show Ketamine Could Be Used To Treat Depression

by fpw | November 29th, 2011

A new study by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has shown that the anesthetic drug, Ketamine, shows potential for treating depression in low doses.

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Texas Transplant Recipient Infected With Hepatitis C

by fpw | October 4th, 2011

A Texas man who received a kidney transplant now has a new battle to face after being exposed to Hepatitis C.

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80 Texas High School Students Exposed To Tuberculosis

by fpw | September 27th, 2011

Eighty students at Ennis High School in Texas have tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis, and many parents are unhappy about the response they have received from the school district.

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