Millions of women use chemical hair straighteners in America, and studies show that women who use them at least five times per year are 2.5 times more likely to develop uterine cancer than women who don’t.

This conclusion came after an 11-year study that followed more than 33,000 women. Women typically have around a 1.64% chance of developing uterine cancer by age 70, but for those who frequently used chemical hair straighteners, their risk increases to 4.05%.

Because Black women use chemical hair straighteners more frequently and at earlier ages than women from other races and ethnicities, these results are considered particularly relevant to them.

Chemical hair straighteners are believed to be linked to uterine cancer due to their harmful effects on the female reproductive system. Some of the chemicals contained in chemical hair straighteners can disrupt the production of hormones, and those chemicals are more easily absorbed into the body due to the products causing inflammation and abrasions on the scalp.

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