Choosing a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim can be overwhelming. Do a simple Google search for personal injury lawyers in Dallas, and you’ll get pages of results. In truth, many of these law firms could handle your case without incident. That is to say, they could file all the paperwork and get you a settlement for your injuries. So what’s the most important factor to consider when choosing an attorney?

Many attorneys out there would probably answer that question with one word: experience. There’s simply nothing more important than having an attorney on your side with years of experience handling personal injury claims.

Here are a few reasons why:

No two cases are alike. When it comes to auto accident injury cases, the circumstances of the accident, the injuries sustained, the insurance company’s response are factors that are unique to every case. A successful law firm draws from years of experience to build the strongest case possible.

Relationships are important. Attorneys for the injured interact with a number of different players throughout the course of the lawsuit, such as judges, clerks, and other attorneys. You want a law firm on your side that has built strong relationships over the years.

Insurance companies keep track. Just as you are researching attorneys in the Dallas area, so are the insurance companies. They keep track of which law firms settle low and which ones fight for their clients. You want an attorney with a proven track record of standing up to the insurance company and winning big.

In determining which lawyer is the right for you, consider experience first. It is the one factor that really matters, and it can make all the difference.