Prescription medications are powerful substances that have the potential to treat serious illnesses and pain. But that power also means they have the potential to cause disabling and potentially life-threatening complications and injuries.

Drug injuries aren’t always obvious to patients, and it may take weeks, months, or even years for symptoms to become noticeable enough for patients to seek medical treatment. But patients and their doctors can sometimes spot early signs of drug injuries if they know what to look for.

Some of the most common symptoms of drug injuries include:

  • Heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes—Many medications, including testosterone therapies and even birth control medications, can affect the cardiovascular system. That can cause patients to be at high risk of suffering potentially fatal cardiovascular events.
  • Cancer—Some drugs are linked to increased risks of developing cancer, including blood pressure medications and Type 2 diabetes medications. The types of cancer that drugs are linked to can vary from medication to medication.
  • Bleeding—Uncontrollable and heavy bleeding, whether internal or external, often indicates that a medication is interfering with the body’s ability to clot wounds. Drugs linked to heavy bleeding include blood thinners and pain medications.

If you suspect that you’ve suffered a drug injury, it’s important to consult your doctor right away and to get in touch with an experienced drug injury lawyer.

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