August 7, 2012

A Dallas, Texas, bus driver has been fired after causing a seven-vehicle pile-up on a highway off-ramp last month. According to KRISTV 6 News, the accident happened on June 29 at the exit for Harry Hines Boulevard off of I-35.

The driver had worked for the company with a clean record for 11 years and video shows the driver was not violating cellphone regulations before the crash; however, the driver may have become distracted when an expensive sports car zoomed by the bus. The driver failed to notice a line of cars that had built up on the off-ramp and plowed into the rear vehicle, setting off a chain reaction crash that seriously injured several motorists. One of those victims remains hospitalized with a fractured skull, shattered hip, and several broken ribs.

Reports from officers who responded to the scene of the Dallas auto accident say that the bus’s driver never hit the brakes and attempted to slow down prior to the crash. Ken Westbrook, a spokesman for Veolia Transportation, who operates the bus, stated that this was the reason for the driver losing his job. He added, “Safety must always be our highest priority.”

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