If you believed supplement manufacturers, you’d think that these products can cure whatever problems you might have. However, as we’ve discussed in a previous blog, supplements don’t fall under the same regulatory umbrella as medications, meaning there’s far less accountability in the supplement industry than in the pharmaceutical one.

This lack of oversight presents problems to consumers. How do you know when you should believe claims made by manufacturers? Well, one thing is for sure: never take the manufacturer’s word for it, especially when the information is transmitted via advertisements.

The Dark Business of Supplement Advertisements

Consumer Reports has been investigating supplement advertisements, and they’ve found that it’s very easy for “ads touting dubious cures to reach huge numbers of consumers and how complicated it is for overtaxed regulators to clamp down on the ads.”

Supplement ads are very deceptive. In some cases, consumers believe they’re signing up for a free trial, when they’re actually signing up for costly auto-renewal programs.

Though these practices border on fraud, they also present another serious problem; consumers exposed to these advertisements are more likely to buy potentially dangerous substances that have not been screened by federal regulators.

Thoroughly Research Supplements Before Buying Them

Supplements can be very dangerous territory for consumers. If you’re considering buying one, talk to your doctor first. Take advantage of studies that examine the effectiveness of such supplements. Finally, do your best to find a reputable seller of these items.

Don’t rely on ads to learn more about supplements. And avoid relying solely on product reviews online. Product reviews can be manipulated, so use authoritative, third-party sources whenever possible.

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