October 30, 2012

With Halloween festivities occurring tomorrow night, many will be donning their spookiest costumes to raise a scare. For many, this includes the use of decorative contact lenses that can change the appearance of the eyes. However, these lenses can sometimes cause serious eye injuries.

According to MSN News, numerous reports have been submitted where non-corrective, decorative contact lenses have caused serious injuries including eye infections and scratched corneas. Ophthalmologists agree injuries like these can lead to the permanent loss of vision.

Despite these defective products being made illegal several years ago, a survey conducted this year by the American Optometric Association concluded roughly 18 percent of Americans still use these products, with 28 percent of users admitting to purchasing the defective products from someone other than an eye doctor and without a prescription.

Experts say the best way to prevent an injury is to not use such a product, but doctors say if a person must, it is best to receive an eye examination and order the products through a doctor. Doing so will ensure the contacts that are purchased are suitable for that individual’s eyes.

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