Bone and joint implants revolutionized the way many medical conditions are treated, but many of these devices can put a patient’s health in danger. That’s why the defective medical device attorneys at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel would like to raise awareness about a few of the implants on the market today.

Knee Implants

As Americans live longer and exercise more later in life, cases of chronic knee pain have risen. This has led to a rise in the number of knee replacement surgeries performed in the U.S. each year. Patients may not realize that these devices have been known to fail in the past, resulting in the need for revision surgery. Some of the issues that have been reported include inflammation, swelling, chronic pain, and bowing.

Hip Replacement

The recall of millions of hip replacement devices is likely one of the highest profile defective medical device cases of the past decade. Many of the recalled devices were designed using metal parts that could rub together, causing heavy friction. This, in turn, resulted in metal being released into the patient’s body.

The side effects of hip replacement failure include pain, swelling, and a condition known as metallosis. Many patients harmed by these devices filed hip recall lawsuits to seek compensation for their injuries.

Counterfeit Spinal Implants

One of the latest cases of defective bone or joint replacement devices involves counterfeit spinal implants. An article from Al Jazeera America says the company that manufactured the faulty parts, Spinal Solutions, used both counterfeit and genuine parts to build the spinal implants. Now, doctors and hospitals across the nation are coming under fire for using the non-approved parts.

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