Was your child born with a severe birth defect after you were prescribed Depakote? Commonly prescribed to treat neurological and psychological conditions, such as seizures and depression, Depakote increases transmission of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. A hospital in Massachusetts found that unborn children of pregnant women who took drugs that contain valproic acid had a higher risk of developing serious birth defects.

These birth defects include:

Spinal Bifida–a disorder where the vertebrae fails to fully form in the womb, potentially leaving the spinal cord exposed upon birth.

Autism–a developmental condition that may cause difficulty learning, forming personal relationships, and finding employment later in life.

Reduced IQ–some studies show a nine-point gap between children who were exposed to Depakote during pregnancy and those who were not.

If your child was born with a serious birth defect after you were prescribed Depakote, you may be eligible for compensation from the manufacturer. Contact the drug injury lawyers at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel today for a free, obligation evaluation of your claim. Your child may require significant financial resources in the years to come, and we’re ready to help you protect your family’s rights.