In 2012, 29 million people across the U.S. had diabetes, and that number continues to rise. With an increased prevalence comes new medications and treatments. A series of such medications known as incretin mimetics have become a common treatment method for Type 2 diabetes. Onglyza® and Kombiglyze® are incretin mimetics that many diabetes patients have been prescribed. However, recent studies have shown a link between these medications and an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, and heart failure.

The link to heart failure was first reported in 2013 by the New England Journal of Medicine. The FDA followed up that study with an investigation of their own, resulting in a 2015 warning that patients who take Ongylza or Kombiglyze are at a higher risk of suffering from heart failure. Similar studies have produced a link between these medications and an increased risk of thyroid and pancreatic cancer.

If you or someone you love from heart failure or was diagnosed with thyroid or pancreatic cancer after taking Ongylza or Kombiglyze, call our drug injury lawyers immediately. We are actively seeking cases involving these potentially dangerous drugs in an effort to hold the manufacturers accountable. You may be entitled to significant compensation, so call us today.