September 13, 2011

When one thinks of tough law enforcement, the iconic image of a Texas Ranger in a cowboy hat with aviator sunglasses sauntering up and throwing the book at wrongdoers is the first thing that comes to many peoples minds. Its an image that Texans like to think is reality when it comes to drunk drivers.

Sure, the campaigns all say that if you drink and drive, you will go to jail, but an investigation by the Dallas Morning News has found that many drivers walk away with little more than probation, even after multiple infractions.

Dallas County, with the third highest drunk driving fatality rate in the Country, was found to have only given prison sentences to a little more than half of all those charged with intoxication manslaughter, the rest received probation. Prosecutors have said they would like to send more offenders to prison but overpopulation and a lack of rehabilitation services offered to prisoners, the courts are left with a choice to lock up offenders costing taxpayers more, or try to get the offenders help at a cheaper cost to citizens.

These are realities that have infuriated family members of victims killed by drunk drivers.

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