July 15, 2010

With all the controversy over prescription diabetes medication Avandia, the FDA has reviewed the drug, according to the Associated Press.

The news comes after a 700-page review of Avandia and its risk for drug injuries and before a meeting next week to rule on the drug’s safety. In the course of the review, the FDA cites many errors in the study conducted by GlaxoSmithKline, the drug’s manufacturer.

Avandia drug injuries can include increased risk for heart disease and stroke, and it has received mixed reviews for this reason.

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What do you think of the FDA doing its own review of Avandia to determine if it has a drug injury risk?

Have you ever taken Avandia? Have you experienced Avandia drug injuries or drug injuries as a result of another prescription medication? Tell Ferrer,  Poirot, and Daniel. Let them help.