August 27, 2013

While the public has been made aware of several recalls the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has initiated recently on dietary supplement manufacturers, many may remain unaware of how rampant the problems, and associated Workout Supplement Dangers, are. The agency released a report showing an estimated 70 percent of supplement manufacturers have been reprimanded in the past five years for failure to follow safety regulations.

An article from Newsday explains the agency reviewed records on the nation’s roughly 450 companies that make dietary supplements and found numerous infractions. Some errors include mistakes in ingredient measurements, unsanitary equipment, and contamination by pesticides and bacteria. Some products were even found to contain undeclared, and sometimes illegal, substances.

The FDA is combating the problem with an enforcement crackdown on manufacturing safety regulations. So far, the agency has issued sixteen recalls over the last six weeks in connection to risky products. Another 3,000 products were recalled last year.

The FDA faces an uphill battle in enforcement of the laws though, as just a slight change in product formulas or business practices can allow supplement companies to continue doing business after being caught putting dangerous products on the market.

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