Opioids are chemicals used in painkiller medications and are designed to act on the body’s opioid receptors to produce powerful pain-relieving effects. While opioids are effective in helping injured and sick patients manage their pain, they’re also extremely addictive.

Doctors and hospitals have long been aware of the connection between opioids and addiction, but recently, opioid drug manufacturers have launched a campaign to discredit their addictive potential. This has resulted in an increase in opioid prescriptions throughout the United States, and now, nearly two million Americans are suffering from substance abuse disorders involving prescription pain medications from 2016.

To combat this growing crisis, the drug injury lawyers at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel have teamed up with Fears Nachawati Law Firm to take on the manufacturers and distributors of opioid painkiller medications. In addition to fighting for the rights of innocent victims whose lives were forever changed by opioid addiction, we’re also offering one-third of the legal fees we receive from clients to law firms who help us gain a foothold in their local counties, cities, hospital districts, or Native American tribes.

Our team will fly to partnering law firms’ cities, make a presentation to the local governing body about our solutions for the opioid crisis, and answer their questions. Upon completion, the referring firms will receive one-third of the fees we collect just for arranging the introduction.

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