When you received a medical device, especially if it was surgically implanted in your body, you expected it to improve your life and ease your symptoms. But now, you may be experiencing new pain, new symptoms, and new worries.

Is your device defective or even dangerous? If you suspect it is, it’s important to get evaluated by your doctor as soon as possible—and then to call a lawyer.

Defective medical devices can put patients’ health and lives at risk, and addressing the problem must be done right away for two reasons:

  1. First, your health can quickly worsen. When medical devices fail, they may fail catastrophically. That means serious health events can occur quickly and without much, if any, warning. In this case, it’s important for patients to receive new, non-defective medical devices, or to have their defective medical devices removed.
  2. Second, the statute of limitations can quickly expire—Many states have short statutes of limitations for filing defective product and medical device claims. But many defective medical devices don’t cause serious harm until years after patients start using them. That’s why you need to contact a lawyer right away if you think your device is defective.

At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, our defective medical device lawyers are ready to act right away on your behalf to protect your rights to full compensation. Don’t wait until it’s too late to file a claim—contact us today for a free consultation.