No one ever plans to get injured—especially not through someone else’s negligence. But it happens to innocent people all the time in Dallas. When it does, it’s important that they get representation that not only understands their claims, but also understands state and local laws and ordinances.

At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, we’re not just a national drug and medical device injury law firm. We’re also a local law firm handling personal injury claims in Texas. Our years of experience in the Lone Star State means that nothing catches us off guard when we’re building cases for our clients.

In addition, our experience going up against billion-dollar drug and medical device manufacturers means we have the resources to stand toe-to-toe against even the biggest insurance companies. Simply put, we’re well-trained, equipped, and staffed to help you get the compensation you’re owed after an injury that wasn’t your fault.

When we take on your claim, we’re not just working hard to help you get compensation. We’re also handling the day-to-day communication and back-and-forth with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters know that most people are inexperienced with injury claims, and they count on them making mistakes that can jeopardize their claim. With our Dallas personal injury lawyers on your side, you’ll know your claim is in good hands.

Contact us today for a free consultation if you need help with an injury claim in Texas. We’re ready to put our experience to work for you.