Table saws are common sights in workshops and garages across the country. They’re useful for just about do-it-yourself project that involves cutting materials ranging from wood to metal. However, table saws are quite possibly the most dangerous household tool anyone can own.

There’s typically no such thing as a minor table saw injury. When someone gets hurt by a running table saw, they’re extremely likely to suffer a severe injury. In fact, many table saw injuries result in the amputations of fingers, hands, and even limbs, and they also frequently result in significant and life-threatening blood loss.

Despite the inherent danger that table saws pose and the risks associated with using, many table manufacturers have created few, if any, safety features for their products. It’s especially glaring when certain manufacturers have included safety features in their saws, but many haven’t. That makes them unacceptably risky for people to use.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine in 2014, more than 30,000 table saw injuries occur every year. These injuries cause victims to suffer devastating damage to their fingers, hands, arms, and other body parts, and they may require prolonged stays in the hospital and may become permanently disabled.

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