Recently, the Organic Consumers Association announced that it had discovered trace amounts of glyphosate—an herbicide used in popular weed killer Roundup®—in 10 out of 11 samples of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream products.

In 2015, the World Health Organization announced that glyphosate could cause certain types of cancers in people who are exposed to the chemical.

A spokesperson with Ben & Jerry’s said that the company is working to determine where in its supply chain the glyphosate enters its products. Although the amount of glyphosate in the ice cream is small—between 0.91 parts per billion and 1.74 parts per billion—a study published in Scientific Reports found that even low doses consumed frequently can contribute to the development of fatty liver disease in rats who consumed the chemical.

People are most commonly exposed to glyphosate when they’re around weed killers that contain the herbicide. It can enter the body via contaminated air, water, and food, or by skin-absorption.

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