Nursing homes are supposed to be safe places where people can live in peace and comfort. But sometimes, the people and parties who own and run nursing homes value their profits over the wellbeing of their residents. When this happens, they may hire inexperienced staff members or fail to hire enough staff members to provide adequate care to all residents.

Poor hiring practices is one of the most common causes of nursing home abuse and neglect. Overworked and undertrained staff members may lash out at residents, inflicting emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in the process. They also may fail to provide adequate care and attention to residents. Both abuse and neglect can have devastating and even fatal consequences for nursing home residents.

At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, our Dallas nursing home abuse lawyers know how hard of a decision it can be to move a loved one into a nursing home. But at the very least, family members expect their loved ones to be well taken care of. When their care goes from lackluster to dangerous, it can be extremely upsetting and even dangerous.

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