At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, our personal injury lawyers believe in holding liable parties accountable when their mistakes injure others, whether those parties are individuals or billion-dollar corporations. We aren’t afraid to stand up to global pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers when they put personal profit over the safety of their customers, putting thousands or even millions of innocent people at risk.

If you or someone you love was harmed by a prescription drug, over-the-counter medication, or medical device, we want to help. When you contact us, we’ll go to work for you in three important ways:

  • We’ll prove your injury or illness was caused by the product—Big corporations and insurance companies are skeptical of injury claims by default. They often believe that problems are pre-existing. We’ll collect evidence that proves your health problems originated with the use of a dangerous drug or medical device.
  • We’ll determine how much money you’re owed—The expenses related to defective drug and medical device injuries can be enormous. You may have needed surgery or extensive medical treatment, and you may be unable to work. We’ll help you get paid for your current and future healthcare costs and lost paychecks.
  • We’ll fight to get you fully paid—Even if the pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer and the insurance company agree that your health problems are negligence-related, they may still be reluctant to pay what you deserve. We won’t back down from a fight, and we won’t settle for less than your claim is worth.

You’ve gone through enough already. Let us hold the negligent corporation accountable for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.