At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, we work hard to uphold the rights of people who were harmed by defective and dangerous medications. But sometimes, patients are seriously injured and even killed by safe medications that were negligently prescribed or administered to them.

This can include mistakes such as:

  • Prescribing too low or too high of a dose—For medications to be both safe and effective, they must be prescribed at the right dose. When a dose is too low, the medication may not treat the illness properly. When the dose is too high, the medication may be too powerful and can cause severe side effects.
  • Prescribing the wrong medication—For patients to recover, they need to be prescribed the correct medication. When they take the wrong medication because of a doctor or pharmacist error, not only will their health not improve, but they may suffer unnecessary side effects.
  • Prescribing medications that interact—When a doctor prescribes a medication, he or she must carefully consider other medications that a patient is taking. When they fail to take that information into consideration, they can put their patient at risk of dangerous interactions.

Both doctors and pharmacists can be held liable for certain types of medication mistakes when they cause preventable harm to patients. When that happens, patients and their loved ones may be able to pursue medical malpractice claims.

If this happened to you, contact us for a free consultation with our medical malpractice lawyers. We’ll work hard to help you get compensation.