Blood clots in the heart or lungs can be deadly. Known as a lung or pulmonary embolism, this condition can happen without warning when at-risk patients don’t take preventative measures. Medical manufacturers created inferior vena cava (IVC) filters to catch blood clot fragments that originate in the legs or pelvis before they can travel to the heart or lungs. However, these devices have come under increased scrutiny of late due to risks of failure or fracture.

IVC filters are implanted into patients at risk of suffering sudden blockages. Over time, these devices can either fail, sending fragments of the device and its filtered contents to the heart or lungs, or shift within the body to areas surgery can’t reach. Both possibilities can lead to serious injury and even death.

You may have had an IVC filter implanted if were:

  • diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis,
  • immobile,
  • a recent trauma victim,
  • recovering from surgery,
  • suffering from a pulmonary embolism,
  • or otherwise determined to be at risk for a pulmonary embolism.

If you or someone you love suffered complications from an implanted IVC filter, call our medical product liability attorneys right now for a free evaluation of your claim. You may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer, but your time may be limited to bring a claim. So call today.