February 14, 2012

Drug making giant, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), said on Thursday it will pay $158 million to settle a Texas lawsuit accusing the drug maker of improperly marketing its Risperdal anti-psychotic drug to state residents on the Medicaid health program. According to reports from Daily Finance, the settlement applies to just one of dozens of cases across the country alleging the company committed fraud with its statements regarding the drugs safety, cost, and effectiveness.

The deal settles claims brought by Texas in 2004 and involves alleged Medicaid over payments during the years 1994 to 2008, and “Will circumvent potentially lengthy and costly appellate activities,” according to a statement from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a sister company of Johnson & Johnson.

The settlement will be paid to the state of Texas and the federal government, which will provide Medicaid reimbursements.

The complaint against the drug manufacturer and several of its partner companies, including Janssen Pharmaceuticals, filed in U.S. district court, had alleged company representatives “Targeted every level of the Texas Medicaid Program with misrepresentations about the safety, superiority, efficacy, appropriate uses and cost effectiveness of Risperdal.”

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