When the Stryker metal-on-metal hip replacement came on to the market, it was expected to offer patients a long-term and lasting solution to their hip problems. However, the device failed in many cases, leaving patients in pain and in need of corrective surgery.

In response, many of the patients who experienced hip failure or painful side effects filed hip recall lawsuits to get compensation for the damages they suffered. Bloomberg Business reports a settlement was reached in Nov. 2014 that established a more than $billion trust to be used to pay restitution to patients who experienced complications with their Stryker hip devices. This means each patient could receive more than $300,000 in compensation.

Those who filed hip recall lawsuits aren’t the only ones who may qualify for compensation, though. A stipulation in the settlement says that anyone who underwent surgery to correct problems caused by the Stryker device prior to the settlement date are eligible to file for compensation. Anyone who underwent a corrective procedure after the settlement date may not qualify for compensation through this particular lawsuit but are still entitled to file a lawsuit of their own.

The defective medical device lawyers at Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel understand the difference this compensation can make in the lives of patients harmed by Stryker hip replacement devices. We are hopeful the settlement will help bring closure to the pain and suffering these individuals have endured over the years.