July 29, 2010

It’s not uncommon to hear of people going to the emergency room after accidents that occur in the home. Falls, burns, cuts, and other injuries are among the many reasons patients seek emergency medical care. But did you know that medical device injuries send more than 70,000 children and teens to the emergency room yearly?

According to the Associated Press, medical device injuries are a leading reason that teens and children seek emergency room care. However, contact lens wearers are among the most common medical device injury victims.

The study shows that medical device injuries occur because contact lens wearers wear lenses too long without cleaning them, because children/teens break hypodermic needles into their arms during medicinal or illegal drug use, because teens/children with ear tubes experience infections, and because teens getting gynecological exams experience skin tears due to medical devices used during those procedures.

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How do you try to prevent medical device injuries?

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