Knee Implant Complications

Knee replacement surgery is a popular choice among patients suffering from chronic knee pain in the United States. The procedures are often billed as a way to reduce or alleviate symptoms associated with arthritis due to age, disease, or injury. But replacement implants can fail, often requiring additional invasive corrective surgeries.

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Who Decides to Have Knee Replacement Surgery?

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons cites arthritis as the most common cause of knee pain, loss of function, and disability. Serious knee arthritis can lead to symptoms such as:

  • chronic knee inflammation and swelling.
  • failure to improve using medications or physical therapy.
  • knee deformities, such as bowing.
  • severe knee pain or stiffness during daily physical activity.

Risk of Knee Implant Failure

The replacement knee devices used during knee replacement procedures carry a risk of failure due to:

  • dislocation,
  • early joint breakdown due to poor design or manufacturing,
  • infection,
  • loosening at the knee joint,
  • or wear and tear.

Knee replacement failures can require further corrective surgery, which can result in additional medical bills, lost wages, and severe pain and suffering.

Helping Injured Victims

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