For men who want to look younger, hair dye is an essential product. But its drawbacks may be much greater than just the hassle of frequent applications. In early 2019, a Florida man sued the manufacturer of Just For Men hair dye after he claimed that using product on his beard caused permanent scarring on his face.

This case drew national attention, but it’s not the first time this popular product has been linked to health problems and adverse effects. In 2012, Consumer Affairs reported that men have had serious allergic reactions to the hair dye and experience significant skin irritation, burns, scarring, and loss of pigmentation.

To make matters worse, it appears that the allergic reaction can happen at any time, even after years of safe and uneventful usage. That means that men who use the product regularly are always vulnerable to serious and disfiguring skin reactions, no matter how many times they’ve safely used Just For Men in the past.

Combe Incorporated, the manufacturer of Just For Men, is aware of the risks and recommends users apply a small amount of the product to their skin to see if they experience reactions. But that may not be effective considering that allergic reactions can occur after dozens, if not hundreds of uses with no prior warning or symptoms.

At Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel, it’s our goal to hold negligent manufacturers accountable when their products harm innocent people. No one should have to worry about suffering severe, disfiguring burns just from using a hair dye, especially if they’ve tolerated it well in the past. If you or someone you love was hurt by this product, contact our defective product lawyers today for a free consultation.