Since July 2018, multiple pharmaceutical companies have recalled blood pressure medications due to possible contamination with a potentially cancer-causing substance. Recently, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited recalled its losartan potassium tablets, and Prinston Pharmaceuticals recalled multiple batches of its blood pressure medications after both companies discovered they were tainted with trace amounts of the cancer-causing substance.

The substance is N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA), a naturally occurring substance that’s found in food, water, air pollution, and industrial processes. The International Agency for Research on Cancer identified it as a probable human carcinogen. Although no adverse effects related to the blood pressure medications have been noted yet, it’s important for patients to continue taking their medications and to speak with their doctors about their future options due to this recall.

Because so many blood pressure medications have been recalled due to potential contamination with NDEA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration now says that there’s a shortage of blood pressure drugs. Around 60 million prescriptions for losartan were written in 2016, making it the ninth-most prescribed drug in the U.S. that year. Another 14 million prescriptions were written for valsartan and 3.6 million were written for irbesartan.

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