November 18, 2010

Motorcycle safety is a concern on roadways all across the U.S., and with more people driving motorcycles due to better gas mileage, there are even more motorcycles on the road. Like other automobiles, with more motorcycles on the road, the chances of  being involved in a motorcycle accident are increased.

The Associated Press reports that a motorcycle accident has killed five people and one driver involved in the crash is being held.

The motorcycle accident occurred when a gold Honda Civic tried to pass four motorcyclists. Another vehicle, a white Dodge Avenger, had to swerve to avoid the Civic but overcorrected, driving into oncoming traffic.

The motorcycle accident killed four motorcyclists and the companion in the Avenger.

The driver of the Avenger was arrested after the accident because police smelled alcohol on his breath. However, he is currently not being held in connection with the deaths that occurred as a result of the motorcycle accident.

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