Hip replacement surgery can have a profoundly positive impact on a patient’s mobility. Unfortunately, not every patient that undergoes hip replacement surgery gets to enjoy the intended benefits of the procedure. In recent years, thousands of hip replacement patients have suffered severe health complications due to defective hip replacement components from manufacturers such as Stryker and DePuy, and it looks like that trend continues.

Due to extensive complaints concerning the failure of key components in their Accolade TMZF, Accolade 2, Meridian, and Citation models, Stryker is expected to announce yet another recall of select hip replacement components. The defective components concern the femoral head assembly, an integral part of the surgical device. Failure of these components can lead to significant health complications for the patient, often requiring painful corrective surgeries to correct.

If you or someone you love suffered health complications due to failed hip implant components, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Call our experienced hip recall lawyers today for a free evaluation of your claim. We’ll fully investigate the cause of your injuries and fight to get you maximum compensation from the manufacturer. You deserve payment for what you’ve gone through, and we’re ready to help you get it.