May 21, 2013

The results of a new Yale University study on Medtronic® Infuse Bone Graft Dangers are scheduled to be released next month. Most experts believe the findings will only support prior research that has shown significant risk in use of the product.

The Infuse Bone Graft system is a synthetic liquid form of a protein that is used to accelerate bone growth. The liquid is used in spinal and neck surgeries to help fuse bones and implants together. The product is surgically implanted into a patients body by placing a sponge that is soaked in the product between the affected vertebrae.

The problem with the system is the numerous side effects patients have reported, which include:

  • Pain
  • Airway or Neurological Structure Compression
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Development of Certain Cancers

It was brought to light several years ago that doctors and researchers essentially swept these dangers under the rug during clinical trials because Medtronic was paying them. An article from Drug Injury Watch highlighted several instances of this behavior. Now, a well-known Yale cardiologist is reviewing all of the prior research to determine whether it was flawed.

The revelation of such issues leave many patients who had the product used on the during a surgical procedure wondering what action they should take if they were harmed.

The Defective Medical Device Lawyers with Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel suggest any patient who suffered negative affects from the use of the Infuse Bone Graft system should discuss their legal options with an attorney.