January 22, 2013

Drug injuries resulting from a patient taking an expired medication can be sometimes be deadly. A solution to this problem may be on the way, though. According to San Antonio Magazine, a retired Texas physician has created technology that helps doctors track and maintain an inventory of medications they have on-hand to prevent patients from receiving expired drugs.

Expired medications can be extremely dangerous to patients as they have been proven to cause injury and death several different ways. Cases have been documented of expired vaccines that failed to do their job and resulted in deadly infections. More common injuries result though, when medications break down over time and lose their potency. This may cause a person to not get the correct amount of a particular drug needed to treat their condition.

The doctor added cases of patients receiving expired medications often occur due to the sheer volume of medications doctors keep on-hand. However, he created a device called the Spartan MedTracker that keeps track of vital information about medications, like expiration dates. When a medication expires, it sends a message to the user to have that particular drug disposed of. The system is also capable of creating a list of side effects for each drug.

The Drug Injury Lawyers with Ferrer Poirot Feller Daniel are hopeful this device will be successful in reducing the number of Dallas Drug Injuries when it hits the local market in the coming months.